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HOCKING TECHNICAL COLLEGE COURSE OUTLINE COURSE NO.: PSYC 101 COURSE NAME: General Psychology CREDIT HOURS: 5 CLASS HOURS: 5 per week LAB HOURS: 0 DATE: Fall 2008 PREPARED BY: Social Science Department TO BE UPDATED: Fall 2010 APPROVED BY: COURSE DESCRIPTION A comprehensive and in-depth study of the theories and applications of psychology. The course consists of an overview of topics in the areas of both clinical and experimental psychology including memory, personality, consciousness, physiological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, human development, learning, abnormal behaviors and social processes. The content of this course and required assignments will address at least 38 specific factors that relate to the eight Hocking College Success Skills: Communicates Effectively, Demonstrates Math Skills, Demonstrates Learning and Critical Thinking Skills, Maintains Professional Skills and Attitudes, Practices Human Relations Skills, Demonstrates Knowledge of Science and the Environment, Demonstrates Community, Cultural, and Global Awareness, and Maintains A Code of Ethics. COURSE OUTCOMES This course is designed to: 1. Introduce the student to the science of psychology, including a broad overview of most of the major areas in the field. 2. Provide a general background for subsequent and more specialized psychology courses. 3. Students will practice all eight Hocking College Success Skills. COURSE MATERIALS
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