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Introduction to Philosophy Phil 101.02 Instructor: Gayle Young-Dohrman CWU, Winter Quarter, 2010 Office Hours: Tu & Th, 4-5 PM, Room: Barge 103 Room: Shaw Smyser 101 Phone: 509-963-3054 or 1842 E-mail: Study Questions on Plato / Socrates (Ch. 2-3): Please use your main textbook, Philosophy: History and Problems and Plato’s Five Dialogues to answer the questions below. You may also use other dialogues of Plato if you wish, though it is not required. I have included references to specific areas of the dialogues for most questions. Our textbook draws heavily on the dialogue Republic for many of these concepts and I have included the location of the ideas in the dialogue in case it is helpful. 1. What is meant by the “Socratic method” of investigation and Socrates’ claim to “Socratic ignorance?” How does he explain these concepts in the Apology ? Do you think they are effective? ( Apology 20c-23c ) 2. Discuss the ideas of Plato & Socrates regarding the soul. Why do they think the soul is immortal?
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