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Depies_Accelerated_Physics_Course_Outline - Absences If you...

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Accelerated Physics Course Outline Teacher: Mr. Depies E-mail: [email protected] School phone number: (847) 825-7711 ext 3158 Room: A305 School year: 2009-2010 Evaluation: Grades will be based on the total number of points earned on homework, labs, projects, quizzes, and tests. The letter grade will then be determined using the following scale: 90-100% A 80-89% B 70-79% C 60-69% D Below 60% F There is no extra credit! Required Materials: Textbook: Physics by Cutnell & Johnson (7 th Edition) Subscription to WebAssign: done through the bookstore A 3-Ring Binder to keep notes, hw, worksheets, and labs A trigonometric calculator (preferably a TI-83 or above) Homework:
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Homework is an important part of this class. You can expect to do about 30 minutes of homework each night of the week (excluding Friday and Saturday). Daily homework or problems created in WebAssign will constitute the homework grade. No late homework will be accepted!
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Unformatted text preview: Absences: If you are absent from class because of a field trip you will still need to hand in the homework on time (before school ) and get the next day's assignment. For excused absences, upon returning to school you should: • copy a classmates notes over the material you missed • read your textbook to compensate for the missed lectures and discussions • try the homework assignments • approach me to discuss a reasonable due date for the make-up work Three Golden Rules to Live by in Physics Class: 1. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you like to be treated. 2. Get to class on time. 3. Do not interfere with someone else’s learning. Extra Help: I am available before school and during my prep periods for extra assistance. You may drop in at these times or arrange a time to let me know that you will be coming in for help. My free periods are 1-2a & 5b-6....
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Depies_Accelerated_Physics_Course_Outline - Absences If you...

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