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This paper will allow you to explore the cultural content of images. Spend extended time before you begin writing with your image or film; it takes sustained attention to find the compelling details and patterns in a cultural artifact. In your essay, you need to draw connections between at least two of our readings and your visual or musical material. Explore the ways that the image reflects its historical moment, especially in relation to race, class, gender, and geography (sense of place). Your essay should be 3-4 pages long. Idea 1: Artistic Depictions of the Plains Sioux: Using Turner, Trachtenberg, Ostler, and/or Elliott, as a foundation for understanding Sioux history and the west, select two paintings or photographs of Sioux history and read these images carefully. What do these images say about the Plains Sioux's relationship with the U.S. government? How do they depict identity? Agency? History? Assimilation? Savagery and/or civilization? How are the images
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Unformatted text preview: similar/different? What is their impact on their audiences' understandings of the history they portray? Images can be of reservation life, boarding schools, the Battle of Little Bighorn, Wounded Knee, Wild West shows, etc. You can find them in Course Materials on Blackboard or in your readings. I can also help you to get the materials. Idea 2: Discuss any film or episode of a television show in the Western genre, again drawing on two readings for background and perspective. Some famous ones include Stagecoach, Shane, The Searchers, High Noon, The Magnificent Seven. Recent uses or adaptations include Deadwood, The Unforgiven, Dances with Wolves, Shanghai Noon, and City Slickers. Be sure to attend to issues of visual representation, not just plot and dialogue. Idea 3: Compare the independent film Smoke Signals, made by Indians, to a standard Hollywood view of Indian life. Again, you need to draw on our readings in your analysis....
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