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Bachelor of Science in Biology (Option II: Human Biology) College of Catalog Natural Sciences Not an official degree check 2008 - 2010 hours lacking RHE 306 + E 316K FOREIGN LANGUAGE/CULTURE: A level of proficiency equal to or above the completion of the second semester in one language (usually 506 & 507 or 508K), OR one semester of a foreign language and one culture course in the same language area, OR two foreign culture courses. Check with your advisor for a list of courses. AREA A WRITING COMPONENT: Two courses (one upper-division) with Course Schedule designation, "contains a substantial writing component." Writing components may also be used to satisfy major or other area requirements. W/C 12 hours in American and Texas GOVERNMENT and American HISTORY: GOV 310L (or equivalent) + GOV 312L (or equivalent) + HIS 3US * + HIS 3US * * with designation, "partially fulfills legislative requirement for American History", may include 3 hours of TX HIS 3 hours in SOCIAL SCIENCE: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology AREA B 3 hours in FINE ARTS/GENERAL CULTURE: Architecture, Art, Classics, Fine Arts, Music, Philosophy (not Logic), Theatre and Dance AREA D MATH: M 408C + M 408D (or M 408K + M 408L) PHYSICS: PHY 302K (301, 303K, or 317K) + PHY 102M (101L, 103M, or 117M) PHY 302L (316, 303L, or 317L) + PHY 102N (116L, 103N, or 117N) CHEMISTRY: CH 301 + CH 302 + CH 204 CH 310M + CH 310N + CH 210C AREA C MAJOR BIOLOGY: BIO 311C + BIO 311D + BIO 205L, 206L or 208L + BIO 318M + BIO 325 BIO 346 + BIO 137 (Topic: Human Biology , taken during the final semester) 18 hours of coursework from the following : Cell & Molecular Biology: BIO 320, 326R, or 344 Additional Cell & Molecular Biology: BIO 320, 323L , 325L , 326R, or 344 Anatomy: ANT 432L , BIO 478L , or KIN 324K Physiology: BIO 361T or 365R Behavior & Psychology: BIO 359K*, 359R, or PSY 332 (note prerequisites) Ecology & Evolution:
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BIO CHECKLIST - Colleg e o f Natural Sciences Bachelor of...

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