Exam 1 Checklist - CH 310N Dr. Vanessa Williams Fall 2010...

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Dr. Vanessa Williams – Fall 2010 T/Th 8:00 – 9:30 am Midterm Exam #1 Information and Study Sheet Exam Day/Time: Thursday, September 23, 2010 7:00 – 9:00 pm Exam Location: TBA when Dr. Williams returns (9.21.10) Conflict Exam: Students who signed up for the alternate exam time for this test should be in touch with Jeff Daily in the Lower Division Office (WEL 2.212) for further instructions about your exam. The deadline to sign up for the conflict exam was Friday September 10. It is not possible to take the exam early if you did not sign up to do so before the deadline! General Exam Policies and Procedures: The exam is closed book, and no notes, molecular models or calculators are allowed. Scratch paper will be provided as a part of the Part I handout. Additionally, a periodic table including numerical electronegativity values will be given. The exam will consist of two parts: o Part I will include a series of multiple choice questions. Your answers to these questions should be submitted on a Scantron “bubble” form (provided). You must use a #2 pencil to mark your answers on the bubble sheet. These pencils must be your own, so bring several pencils with you to the exam – WE WILL NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH ANY! Only answers marked on the bubble sheet will be graded. Unless you are taking the exam early, you WILL NOT be turning in the part of the exam that contains Part I questions, so there is no way for us to grade answers that you mark on the exam itself. Unless otherwise indicated, there will be one choice per question that is entirely correct, for which full credit will be given. There will be no partial credit awarded for questions in Part I. No regrades are possible for this portion of the exam. o Part II will consist of “free response” type questions – where you will be required to write out your answers using structures, arrows and/or words. Answers for questions in Part II must be written in pen to be eligible for regrade. Any answers written in pencil, pencil with ink overlay, or where white out is used to modify answers are not eligible for regrade . Answers written in red ink will not be graded at all. Only blue or black ink is acceptable. Please bring a valid UT ID card to the exam, these will be checked by the proctors when you turn in your exam. Personal belongings (bags, books, notes, models, food, drinks, phones, PDA’s, iPod’s, etc.) will not be permitted at your seat during the exam. All such personal belongings must be placed in the aisles or at the front of the room
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Exam 1 Checklist - CH 310N Dr. Vanessa Williams Fall 2010...

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