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Homework set 1 Solutions

Homework set 1 Solutions - 1.:theresin,...

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Homework set 1 Solutions 1. The three components of photoresist are: the resin, solvent and photoactive compound. The resist is bakes after spinning primarily to remove any remaining solvents. 2. (a) The width and spacing of the developed resist structures would be 0.5 m. (b) If the exposure time and therefore the dose is reduced by 10%, the width of the sine wave pattern at the threshold dose for exposure is reduced. This width can be derived by solving for the values of x t there the dose equals the threshold for exposure (1.0 = 0.9 [sin2 x t +1.0]). The width of the exposed pattern where the positive resist will be developed and removed is 0.46 m leaving 0.54 m resist widths. Please note that the exposed positive resist is removed
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