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Personality - 1 Openness 2 Conscientiousness 3 Extraversion...

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Personality: Modern view of humanistic theory Focused on human strengths Idea of self as shaped by goals, aspirations Concept of unconditional positive regard Critiques: Concepts are vague, subjective Especially self-actualization Too optimistic? Too self-focused? Bottom-up approach: sorting through many ways in which people differ to determine which are important. Focused on traits: dispositions to think, feel, and act in certain ways The lexical hypothesis (Galton): Important words for human nature, traits should be reflected in language. Language contains many ways to describe people 17,953 words in the English language ‘ Only 171 words that aren’t synonyms (Cattell): linguistic variation can be managed using factor analysis Statistical technique for identifying items that can be grouped together Factor analysis of personality words results in 5 common factors:
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Unformatted text preview: 1) Openness 2) Conscientiousness 3) Extraversion 4) Agreeableness 5) Neuroticism 1) Appreciation for a variety of experiences. Curiosity, enjoyment of art, emotion, adventure, ideas. 2) Self-disciplined and focus on achievement. Impulse control, awareness of duty to self and others. 3) Tendency towards positive emotions. Action-orientated, energetic, seeking out positive interactions. 4) Concern for social harmony. Compassion, cooperativeness, generosity, trustingness. 5) Tendency towards negative emotions. Disposition towards anger, depression; reactivity to stress. Assessment: Self report Tendency to believe positive feedback/traits are more accurate. Foundations of Big 5 unclear Same triats appear in other species. Traits are heritable: about 50%...
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Personality - 1 Openness 2 Conscientiousness 3 Extraversion...

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