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Eliot-Auden Response

Eliot-Auden Response - about them There was not much that...

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Christina Suarez February 13, 2008 ENG 105- Marsom Eliot/Auden Response Both these poems were really moving and confusing at the same time. The Auden poem was well written and easier to follow of the two. It was sad to realize what he was writing about but conveyed truth in it. I enjoyed what he was writing about and thought the language he used made the poem even more interesting. Auden did not completely come out and say what he was talking about, rather he hinted at it. Eliot’s poem was a lot more confusing and difficult to read. He also used code in how he was writing. It took me a couple of time to really understand what he was talking about. Once I figured out what the poem was about, I still thought it was not worth the read. It made me mad that he would not get up the courage to ask his dream girl out. These two poems were similar in how they were written. Both the poems relied on the reader to understand what they were talking about and to pick up the words they were dropping and form a theme
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Unformatted text preview: about them. There was not much that was similar about the poems except for that they were both about guys who really never got any attention. The men lived their lives with ease and did not demand any attention. There were many differences between these two poems. In Eliot’s poem the man is talking about a “love song” that he wants to sing to his dream girl but does not have the courage to tell her. In Auden’s poem, it is about a man that no one really noticed. He was not an outstanding person and rather lives his life normal. The big difference between the two was that one is about the death of a nobody and the other is about the love of a nobody. The authors’ writing styles are also very different. Eliot’s is long and elaborate using many descriptions to wow the reader; while Auden’s is short and brief but still needs some interpretations....
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Eliot-Auden Response - about them There was not much that...

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