Luis essay revised - Welcome to Dallas International...

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“Welcome to Dallas International Airport, the current time is 7: 28 p.m., it is sunny with a current temperature of ninety five degrees ….,” exclaimed the pilot, whose voice trailed off slowly as I began thinking of my home country, Colombia. This was the first time in a long time I had been able to visit my mother land. I began to clearly remember how this past summer vacation had helped me appreciate the various aspects of life and given me inner tranquility. A repetition of hugs, kisses and smiles greeted my brother and me as we arrived at our grandparent’s house in the middle of the afternoon. Uncles, aunts and cousins welcomed us during different times of the day as we settled into our new habitat. This is just how I had remembered my family in Colombia as our cousins had grown much bigger and new ones had been born that we had just recently met for the first time. Although there were many names to relearn, there was a great rush of excitement to see my young cousins that I had not been able to spend time with for years. A couple of nights later there was a cookout at my Uncle Henry’s apartment. The air smelled of steak, potatoes and rice. While some of the family were busy with the grill, the young ones (including myself) were outside playing “futbol”. Inside the music was turned just low enough so that aunts, uncles, wives, and husbands would be able to converse. There were more than
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Luis essay revised - Welcome to Dallas International...

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