If the raft needs 150g of oxygen for inflation what

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Unformatted text preview: hair before you went home). If the raft needs 150g of oxygen for inflation, what mass of hydrogen peroxide would you need to have with you? Title: Feb 22­8:14 AM (4 of 7) 500 250 ? 250 2 18 Title: Feb 22­8:15 AM (5 of 7) Unfortunately the experiment blows up and you are left dazed and wandering, not remembering who you are or where you come from. From over the sand hills come a tribe of hostile natives and take you prisoner and place you in a hut that has a limestone floor. In the corner of the hut is a large vat of nitric acid that is going to be used to dissolve guess who. In your frantic efforts to escape you notice that the floor sounds hollow. In a flash, your memory returns, you do a quick calculation and estimate that in order to escape you will need to dissolve 3000g of limestone (calcium carbonate) what ma...
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