Titlefeb22815am6of7 it works you dissolve a hole in

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Unformatted text preview: ss of nitric acid must be in the vat? Title: Feb 22­8:15 AM (6 of 7) It works! You dissolve a hole in the floor and find yourself in a cave with a stream flowing through it. You drink and then follow the stream out to the sea, find your inflated life raft and make a dash for a passing ship. You are rescued! OR are you? On the ship is your old chemistry teacher who makes you spend your free time doing problems and making him coffee. Just as you are making him the 452nd cup of coffee, you find a jar containing 230g of sodium and estimate that if you could produce 24g of hydrogen gas you could blow him onto the island with the natives. Can you produce enough hydrogen by reacting the 24g of sodium with water to rid the ship of this wonderful person, or will you have more problems? Title: Feb 22­8:15 AM (7 of 7)...
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