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Queensland Core Skills Test Queensland Studies Authority Ground floor, 295 Ann Street, Brisbane. PO Box 307, Spring Hill Queensland 4004 Phone: (07) 3864 0299; Fax: (07) 3221 2553; Email: [email protected]; Website: www.qsa.qld.edu.au © The State of Queensland (Queensland Studies Authority) 2007 Copyright protects this work. Please read the Copyright notice on our website. Retrospective 200 4 (Part 1 of 5) Note: The PDF version of this document has been split into sections for easier download. This file is Part 1 of 5.
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1 Multiple-Choice (MC) I & II Commentary The table on pages 3–6 gives the name of each MC unit in italics, with the corresponding items next to it. It also lists the keyed response for each of the items and the common curriculum elements for each unit. The MC testpapers As in previous years, the MC subtest of the QCS Test consisted of two testpapers, each with 50 items that tested a broad range of common curriculum elements. The units embraced a range of areas relevant to the Queensland senior school curriculum, including English literature and grammar, pure and applied mathematics, civics and society, history and archaeology, art, pure and applied sciences (physics, technology, methodology, climatology, geology and architecture), and commerce and economics. Stimulus materials were presented in a broad range of modes, including prose, nonfiction, drama, poetry, personal reflection, cartoons, tables, graphs and diagrams. Units ranged across the verbal, quantitative and visual-spatial realms. The units that tested mainly verbal understandings included Unit 4 Public Relations , Unit 8 Split Infinitives , Unit 10 Time Out , Unit 13 Conclusive Proof , Unit 15 Generations , Unit 17 Ant’s House , Unit 20 Dead Poets Society and Unit 22 Parker . Units that tested mainly quantitative understandings included Unit 2 Dig Grid , Unit 3 Black Stump , Unit 5 Other Bases , Unit 6 Chocolate Cake , Unit 9 Currency Conversions , Unit 12 LP Records , Unit 14 Squash Scores , Unit 16 Bubbles and Tubes , Unit 19 Weather Maps , Unit 21 Soil Types , and Unit 23 Roof Tiles . Units that tested mainly visual-spatial understandings included Unit 1 Train Passengers , Unit 7 Board and Nails , Unit 11 Bridges , and Unit 18 Post-Modern .
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qcs_retro_mc_04 - Queensland Core Skills Test Retrospective...

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