Qcs_retro_sr_04 - Queensland Core Skills Test Retrospective 2004(Part 2 of 5 Note The PDF version of this document has been split into sections for

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Queensland Core Skills Test Queensland Studies Authority Ground floor, 295 Ann Street, Brisbane. PO Box 307, Spring Hill Queensland 4004 Phone: (07) 3864 0299; Fax: (07) 3221 2553; Email: [email protected]; Website: www.qsa.qld.edu.au © The State of Queensland (Queensland Studies Authority) 2007 Copyright protects this work. Please read the Copyright notice on our website. Retrospective 200 4 (Part 2 of 5) Note: The PDF version of this document has been split into sections for easier download. This file is Part 2 of 5.
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7 Short-Response (SR) Commentary This year’s SR paper was varied in its content and in the way it covered a broad range of CCEs. Items were grouped into testpaper units, which were then grouped into five marking units. As students worked through each unit, they interacted with stimulus material that was challenging and required them to operate at multiple levels of numeracy and literacy. Each item was framed in a way that made it accessible to most students. The SR paper was comprised of units with stimulus material selected from fields as diverse as English, art, history, mathematics, social science and engineering. This year’s paper was again rich in practical contexts. Tasks ranged from estimating a population by considering the size of a Scythian bowl, to conducting business on the internet, reading photographs of crockery, and understanding methods of bracing building frameworks. Hopefully these topics interested students and imparted knowledge at the same time as assessing student achievement. As an opening unit, rules on the uses of the word actually were given and students were required to match pieces of dialogue to one of the rules, and then, in a reverse activity, the dialogue was given and students composed a rule for the use of actually in this situation. In another unit, photographs and their capacity to provide information or evoke emotion were considered. Students had to decide whether photographs were informative or evoked emotion, and then justify their choices. Students were required to enter the world of business in a unit on Pricing that tracked the origins of price tags and bargaining and led to buying an airline ticket on the internet. Hard Times provided the context for a unit where students showed an understanding of Gradgrind’s character and then drew a caricature of him. The final item in this unit gave students an opportunity to argue that Gradgrind’s views on education would not be acceptable today. A unit on the construction and dimensions of a Scythian bowl made from arrow heads provided interest and also an opportunity to use measurements, structured mathematical argument and calculations. A practical bent was supplied by the final unit on the paper which explained the concept of bracing frameworks in building. The unit moved from the concrete to the abstract by outlining a theoretical approach to deciding whether a framework is rigid. While this may seem a difficult concept, it was explained in a way that made sure it was accessible to all students, as evidenced by the large number of students who achieved highly in the first two items of the unit.
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Qcs_retro_sr_04 - Queensland Core Skills Test Retrospective 2004(Part 2 of 5 Note The PDF version of this document has been split into sections for

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