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V6214 - Photosynthesis Investigation Data Sheet 5 Place...

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Do Plants Need Sunlight To Make Sugar? Photosynthesis is the cellular process by which light energy is converted into chemical energy. Starch is a form of stored cel- lular energy in plants which is consumed during respiration. Objective Use an iodine solution to detect starch production in green leaves. Materials a coleus plant black construction paper paper clips scissors tweezers a hot plate a small pot for boiling water rubber gloves iodine solution, diluted 20 parts water to one part iodine 100 ml of ethyl alcohol beakers a Petri dish Safety Notice: All applicable laboratory safety rules must be followed. Students should not perform any experimental activity without the teacher’s supervision and express permission. Students must follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear. Procedure 1. Select a coleus leaf for study and make a sketch of it in the box below, labeling which parts are colored green and which show only the pink pigments.
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