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Introduction In this three-lesson strategy set, a strategy to explicitly teach the addition of descriptive words to objects (and actions) is introduced. Elaboration is first taught by having students develop a list of words to describe a picture. Next, students are taught to insert a detail into an existing sentence.Then, students create an original sentence using at least one describing word.This strategy set can be used when students have the language skills necessary to develop a sentence, but do not provide details with the sentence. Lesson Objective The student will provide a detail that describes an object or action. Corresponding TEKS Objectives Rationale and Purpose • This strategy is designed to teach students to develop a list of details for a picture. • It may be used with students in kindergarten through second grade, or with older students who have difficulty providing details in their writing. • The teacher demonstrates how to develop a list of details for a specific picture. • Students respond by developing lists of details for other words. • The ability to use elaboration is a critical step in the development of descriptive vocabulary. • Effective instruction will allow students to elaborate on a word in different contexts. For example, if providing elaboration for the word dog , details can be developed for a dachshund and then a cocker spaniel. Necessary Preskills For students to be successful, they need to be able to: • Understand the word to be described and its context. • Understand words that are used to describe (e.g., color, size).
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251_Vocab_Elaboration_Initial - 251 Reading Strategies and...

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