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TORONTO BOTANICAL GARDEN and Edwards Gardens Adult ESL Tours V OCABULARY P ACKAGE Prepared for the Toronto Botanical Garden Horticultural Department, Tour Guides Group, 1999. Updated: 5/22/2008 Page 1 of 3 Words that can be used to describe trees: Twig Evergreen- needles stay green all year round Leaf Deciduous- leaves drop off in the fall Branch Weeping- branches droop as if they are sad Trunk Shrub – small bush or tree Roots Hedge – row of small shrubs or bushes Names of some of the flowers & trees that are in the park: Deciduous trees European Beech Norway Maple Japanese Maple Red Oak White Oak Ginkgo Littleleaf Linden Northern Catalpa Tulip Tree Horse Chestnut Magnolia Paper Birch Tulip Tree Honeylocust Saskatoon Serviceberry Weeping Mulberry Black Walnut Goldenchain Tree Crabapple Coniferous trees Weeping Nootka False Cypress Colorado Blue Spruce Norway Spruce Korean Fir Silver Fir White Pine Jack Pine Red Pine Larch Dawn Redwood Shrubs Bamboo Weigela Beauty Bush Redosier Dogwood
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AdultESLEdwardsGardensVocabuliary - TORONTO BOTANICAL...

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