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Sample Oral Presentation ORAL PRESENTATION The following information should be included: 1. Purpose : Give brief statement of purpose of the investigation, why it is being performed and what use may be made of the results. 2. Description of Study: Describe the experimental procedure(s), including invasive techniques, duration, amount of time required of the participants, number of participants, restrictions on normal activities, etc. 3. Benefits: Describe any benefits that may occur to the participant or to others as a result of participation in the study, including therapeutic benefits or payments. 4. Risks: Describe any known physical, psychological, social, or financial research- related risks, inconveniences, or side effects that can be expected and what measures will be taken to minimize any hazard or discomfort or, when applicable, a statement that the risks cannot currently be predicted. When a risk of injury exists, describe whether any treatments are available if injury occurs and if
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  • Spring '10
  • ChaoHue
  • E-participation, Human Subjects Protection Review Committee, Oral Presentation ORAL, financial researchrelated risks, Chair of the Institutional Review Board

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