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Richardson v - Richardson v Holland case This case about...

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Richardson v. Holland case This case about the plaintiff being shot by the defendant using a Derringer manufactured by FIE corporation. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant shot him intentionally and that the manufacturer was liable for the damages caused to the plaintiff. The court ruled in favor of the defendant stating that the defendant would be liable if the gun was defective. However, in this case, the court ruled that since the gun was not defective, and that the plaintiff should have predicted the danger of the gun, the company manufacturing these guns is not liable. Though from a legal standpoint, this judgment makes perfect sense, I have to disagree with the majority because in my opinion, this gives unfair advantage to criminal minded people. By tendency, the Saturday night special guns are of low quality and are not meant to be used for legitimate activities like shooting, hunting etc. The company, by manufacturing this type of guns is giving a chance to people to indulge in criminal
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