Tablet PC's - Tablet PCs have been categorized by four...

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Tablet PC’s have been categorized by four different nomenclatures called booklets, hybrids, convertibles, and slates. Tablet PC’s known as booklets have been given this nomenclature because they appear very similar to a book with two screens on each side in which the user inputs data to the interfaces with a stylus or a touch screen. Hybrid tablet PC’s got their name from HP/Compaq who manufactures a model that has a detachable keyboard, but also acts as a stand for the monitor when reattached. Hybrid tablet PC’s without the keyboard look like slates, but can easily have keyboards attached and removed thus receiving the name Hybrid. Convertibles are very similar to laptops, but the joints that connect the screen to the device are able to turn 180 degrees, thus folding flat on top of the keyboard and taking tablet form. Slate style tablet PC’s are growing in popularity and seem to be the way of the future for table PC’s. Slates have no keyboards or moving parts and the user interacts with the device using a touch screen or stylus. Slate screens usually come in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 14 inches and vary in
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Tablet PC's - Tablet PCs have been categorized by four...

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