Soc227- Interview assignment

Soc227- Interview assignment - 1 Rouaa Mohamed Marriage and...

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1 Rouaa Mohamed Marriage and Family- Interview Project September 6, 2010 Respondent #1: Q1: My American culture’s definition of a family is the traditional mom, dad, children which is probably what most people think. My culture as in my family and church’s definition of a family is one that believes the same thing and cherishes every moment spend with each other. So basically that means people that you love and spend a lot of quality time with on a regular basis. Not necessarily blood, but love. Q2: Based on that answer, yes my family does fit in this equation because we all love each other and try our very best to do right by one another because that is what our family is about. Q3: I probably will get married because I want to and I would like to settle down and start a family of my own so that I can be happy and proud of what I can accomplish with them by my side. I think the starting a family is one of the biggest accomplishments in life because it is a beautiful thing. Q4: I am very comfortable talking about marriage I do not see any reason why anyone wouldn’t be comfortable talking about marriage, it is a natural thing. I see nothing secretive about it except the sex-life part because it’s private. Q5: No I don’t care and don’t see that Prop 8 has anything to do with anything. I believe that only a man and a woman should get married and gays do not have anything to do with marriage it should be something that happens between a man and a woman regardless of whether there are gay people or not. Respondent # 2: Q1: I come from a culture that has a very different definition of family from the American definition of culture. My culture is much more collective versus the individualistic culture that I see here in America. My culture’s definition of family is an extended family, anyone who is your blood whether it is a close relative or someone who is related to you from far, he/she is your family. It doesn’t even matter if that person is liked or not liked, or who he/she is, they are family. Family is mother, father, children, uncle, aunt, sister,
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Soc227- Interview assignment - 1 Rouaa Mohamed Marriage and...

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