Eighner Response (Rhetorical Essay)

Eighner Response (Rhetorical Essay) - Christina Suarez...

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Christina Suarez January 29, 2008 ENG 105- Marsom “On Dumpster Diving” Rhetorical Essay This excerpt from Lars Eighner’s Travels with Lizabeth was very moving and well written. The excerpt was filled with logos, pathos, and ethos that were influential and interesting. Logos are the logic or information in an article. They are often statistical and/or statistical. It seemed as though Eighner’s whole story was logos because it was all information that he was learning throughout living on the streets dumpster diving. He began with where the word dumpster first originated and what the Merriam-Webster dictionary said about “dumpsters”. Eighner went on to tell about the diseases you can contract from this unusual living and what is safe to eat from them. He talked about how the food can be contaminated, what it may look like if it is, and what to do if it is perhaps contaminated. Everything he said about the contaminants was true. When Eighner talked about college students and the materials they waste,
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Eighner Response (Rhetorical Essay) - Christina Suarez...

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