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Review Topics for Final

Review Topics for Final - K D and K I parameters Lead...

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EE 362K Review Topics for the Final Exam Spring 2010 First and second order system behavior: dominant poles concept; step response overshoot, rise time, settling time, and steady state error. Effects of extra poles/zeroes. Block diagrams and “block diagram algebra.” Internal vs. external system models, i.e., Ju y dt d s G + = + = Hx Gu Fx x vs. ) ( System type and steady state errors for step and ramp inputs. DC machine characteristics Flywheel energy storage systems Routh Arrays, Root Locus, and Nyquist plots Euler’s method and Tustin’s method for realization of compensation by arithmetic processing Euler’s method for simulation of systems P, PD, PI, PID controllers as defined by K P
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Unformatted text preview: , K D , and K I parameters. Lead compensation design See next page. Lag compensation design State feedback design and estimator design including determination of . and , , N L K Poles and zeroes before/after state feedback, effects of estimators on poles and zeroes, controllability and observability. Second order oscillators Nonlinear systems: recognition of, determination of equilibrium points, stability in the vicinity of equilibrium points System identification via step response: checks for nonlinearity, higher order models Dc(s) and H(s) selection to meet desired specs for a system modeled by: 2 2 2 ) ( n n s s A s G ϖ ς ϖ + + =...
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Review Topics for Final - K D and K I parameters Lead...

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