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1 Phun with Photons! 1. a) Double a photon’s energy. What happens to its wavelength? b) Triple a photon’s wavelength. What happens to its frequency? c) Quadruple a photon’s frequency. What happens to its period? d) Double a photon’s period. What happens to its speed? 2. A hydrogen atom is in the ground state (that is, n = 1). It is hit by a photon of energy E = Δ E = E 4 - E 1 . Some time later, it emits a photon and drops back to the n = 3 state. Soon after it emits another and winds up back at n = 1. Which absorption lines would you expect to see? Emission lines? 3. If an atom is in the ground state, which transition would require a photon of higher energy, n = 2 or n = 4? Explain your reasoning. 4. Let’s say we have an atom of an element called Filippenkium. The atom has one electron and three possible energy states shown below. When you look at the spectrum of light emitted by the
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Unformatted text preview: Filippenkium, there is a red line, a blue line, and a green line. Explain which transition is likely to correspond to each color. Draw it out! 2 Second Excited State First Excited State Ground State 5. If someone were to say that we cannot know the composition of distant stars, since there is no way to perform experiments on them in terrestrial laboratories, how would you respond? 6. Can you think of another way that electrons can become excited? Explain. 7. As we have just seen, the spectrum of hydrogen does not look the same as that of Neon. What differences do you see? How might you explain them? 8. Can an atom emit radiation at any wavelength? Why or why not?...
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wkst_EM_spectra - Filippenkium there is a red line a blue...

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