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Cell Phone Debate University of Michigan Fall 2010 Industrial and Operations Engineering 437 Automotive Human Factors © Paul Green Cell Phone Debate Background and Expected Learning Objectives 1. to familiarize you with the literature on automotive human factors (course objective) 2. to provide material for discussion 3. to encourage you to read on your own (course objective) 4. to provide public speaking experience useful in engineering meetings, job interviews, and impromptu meetings. What you are to do: In class, we will have a debate. The issue is: Michigan should pass a law to not allow drivers to use any type of cell phone while driving except for 911 calls. You need to prepare for the debate by (1) reading the papers in the course pack before you come to class, (2) looking on the web and elsewhere for other relevant materials (there is a great deal), (3) preparing a list of the issues and how they relate to the literature, (4) reading material on how to debate/how to make a well organized, logical argument, and most importantly, to practice public speaking. If you just read what is on
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IOE437f10+assign+8+cell+phone - Cell Phone Debate...

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