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Driving Data Analysis Assignment University of Michigan Fall 2010 Industrial and Operations Engineering 437 Automotive Human Factors © Paul Green Driving Simulator Experiment Background and Expected Learning Objectives 1. to familiarize you with procedures for conducting automotive human factors evaluations and the analysis of data from driving studies What you are to do In this experiment, self-selected members of the class, at least 1 from each group, will serve as subjects. One at time, their task is to “follow a lead vehicle at a reasonable distance, as if they were following them to get somewhere, while trying to maintain a reasonably stable speed.” Each test trial (1/subject) takes about 5 minutes to complete. As the class period is 90 minutes, there is no way to test everyone in the class. While driving, the subject will be video and audio taped, and the driving simulator will record the subject’s driving performance (e.g., steering wheel angle, throttle position, speed, headway, yaw angle, and other measures at 30 Hz), for which a list is at the end of this assignment. Also, during class, record all of the information you might need to describe the test method, facilities, simulator, and subjects. You cannot return to collect something you forgot. At the end of class, we will have the driving data available for each subject as an Excel file, an mov file of them driving, and will collect class determined biographical data for each subject (to be distributed later as an Excel file). Students, working in groups of 3 or 4, will analyze the data from at least 1 person in their group and others in the class (which may include others in their group). Each group will analyze data from a subset of 4 subjects in the class, which will vary from group to group. Other than the general statement of “looking at the differences between groups” and “thinking about driver models,” each group must determine what issues should be examined. Thus, in this assignment, the questions to be addressed are deliberately vague, and your first and very important task is to determine what the questions should
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IOE437f10+assign+10+driving+sim - Driving Data Analysis...

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