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Crash Data Analysis Assignment University of Michigan Fall 2010 Industrial and Operations Engineering 491 Automotive Human Factors © Paul Green Crash Data Analysis Background and Expected Learning Objectives 1. to familiarize you with the data bases on motor vehicle crashes 2. to help you understand how crash data can be used to identify causes (and potentially suggest engineering and other solutions). 3. to alert me to those specific topics of interest to you 4. to provide material for discussion What you are to do: You will find your notes from lecture on crash data analysis to be very helpful in completing this assignment. Think of a motor vehicle crash problem in which you are interested and analyze it using publicly available crash data. Do not examine injury types, the focus of the next assignment. By example, candidate questions might be: * How do fatal crashes involving fatigue vary as a function of driver age and sex (and what do those data suggest for rules about driving)? * How weather and darkness affect crashes of heavy trucks (and just what should a system to reduce them do)? * Based on a statistical summary motor vehicle crashes in India for 2005, what changes in policy and vehicle design seem needed? * How do rear end crashes differ between the U.S. and Japan over time, and why is that so? What specific changes are needed to reduce these crashes based on the data? * What the major factors leading to crashes of HMMWVs? * How do crashes in Michigan resemble/differ from the U.S. national average, and why? You may examine all crashes, or classes of crashes (fatalities, injuries, property damage only) but not the body part injured or the severity of the injury on the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS). A description of AIS and details about the types of
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IOE437f10+assign6+crash+data - Crash Data Analysis...

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