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IOE437f10+Assign9+IRB - Driving Experiment Proposal...

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Driving Experiment Proposal Assignment University of Michigan Industrial and Operations Engineering 437 Fall 2010 Automotive Human Factors Paul Green © Proposal of and an IRB Application for a Human Factors Study of Driving Background and Expected Learning Objectives The purpose of this assignment is to provide (a) an understanding of the issues concerning proper treatment of subjects in a human factors studies concerning driving and (b) experience in planning driving experiments studies involving human subjects. You will find you notes on the experiment design, methods for conducting driving experiments, and driving performance measures lectures to be helpful. This assignment will prepare you for IOE 800 if you take it in the future, as well as for research of all types, and proposal writing. Students who have taken this class in the past said to warn future students they will underestimate the amount of detail required for a quality submission. The Problem Imagine you are working for a major automotive supplier (Visteonski) and they have developed a system for assessing if the driver is distracted. The system uses a hidden camera aimed at the driver’s face and some processing software to determine how long the driver is looking away from the road. In this initial version, generation 1, the operation of the device is quite simple and it only determines if the time fixated at the instrument panel is equal to or greater than 2 seconds. When that occurs, the system beeps and flashes the display at which the driver is looking at a high rate (10 Hz). The video images are not saved by the system. Visteonski wants to know if the system “works” from the safety and human factors perspective. They intend to use the results from the study to convince OEMs to install this system in their vehicles. More specifically, the questions to be addressed are: 1. How well do people drive when the system is on vs. off, both normally and when distracted? 2. How reliable is the system in properly classifying distraction as indicated by where drivers look? 1
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Driving Experiment Proposal Assignment 3. What do drivers do when they get a system alert? Do they look back to the road? Do they stop doing the distracting task?
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IOE437f10+Assign9+IRB - Driving Experiment Proposal...

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