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Vehicle Production and Features Assignment University of Michigan Fall 2010 Industrial and Operations Engineering 437 Automotive Human Factors © Walter McManus and Paul Green Vehicle Descriptors, Production, and Features/Attributes Background and Expected Learning Objectives To develop motor vehicles that are safety and easy to use, you need to know the types of vehicles that exist, how they are classified, who makes them, the features offered, and where to obtain such information. This could help you identify future employers and what you do for them. This assignment should complement Walter McManus’s lecture. Deliverable (See the syllabus for the due date) Submit paper copy (1 page max) that compares a particular vehicle of interest with 5 to 10 others in the same segment. (Segments include SUVs, Minivans, Wagons, Sedans, Convertibles, Luxury, Trucks (categorized further), Coupes, Hybrid, heavy tank, combine, road grader, etc.). Examine at least 2 attributes/features that pertain to human factors/safety issues (interior dimensions such as front seat head height, trunk lip lift-over height, the provision of safety features such as side air bags and lane departure warning systems.) since this is a human factors class.
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IOE437Wfall2010+Assign4-vehfeatures - Vehicle Production...

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