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Self-Expansion: Two people in a relationship is somewhat better than one. Deepens and broadens our own experience in life when being with another person. Propinquity effect: The more you’re come into contact/interact with another person, the more you’ll become more attractive with them. Talking about physical closeness. Functional Distance: Certain level closeness that would lead to some sort of attraction. Mere exposure effect: The more exposure we have to stimulus the more apt we are to like it. The level of attraction btw people are greater when you’re meeting online. Over time, those benefits die out. Similarity is the fuel for attraction. The more similar two people are, the more likely they are attracted to each others. Values, backgrounds, beliefs, etc… In “flings” opposites usually attracted, whereas people that are more similar usually have longer lasting relationships. Opinions and personality, it seems that you’ll be attracted to others who hold the
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