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83010 psych - Social exchange theory: Economically minded...

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Social exchange theory: Economically minded theory of relationship, basically it states that the more social rewards/good stuff a person provides us and the less cost, the more we are going to like the person. People’s feelings about a relationship will depend on perception of rewards they get from the relationship, the perception of cost the occur, and what kind of relationship that they deserve and probability of finding a better relationship with someone else. Basically we buy the best relationship that we can afford. One we can get the most value for the best deal Outcome=Rewards – Cost Comparison level: People expectations about the level or rewards and punishments they are likely to receive in a particular relationship Comparison level for alternatives: “” alternative setting. Equity theory- people are happiest with relationships in which the rewards and cost experienced and the contributions made by both parties are roughly equal. Is this relationship more equable. Same comparison levels of both people. How fair is this? According to equity theory, when there are some sort of balance, there is almost relationship dissonance. Some sort of equity in a relationship, people tend to
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83010 psych - Social exchange theory: Economically minded...

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