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Hands-On Project 2-1 - I would attach the five printers to...

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Hands-On Project 2-1 To start with we have one server, 25 computers, five printers, two wiring closets and two floors. This is an obvious server based network. I would purchase 2 Gigabit switches and windows server operating system with 25 client licenses. The switch will give you maximum bandwidth. I will install the network using Cat5 cables. Upgrade the already existing server by adding RAM and storage as needed. The server will allow for file security and controlled access to files. The server would be utilized as a database, domain and print server. We can always expand to two servers in the future if they want to host their own mail or website.
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Unformatted text preview: I would attach the five printers to the network and evenly place them so people dont waste time retrieving their printouts. All clients will have Microsoft Office installed for word-processing and spreadsheets. Finally, I would be using the star bus topology. I will use the two closets for wiring between floors. The one closet will house the server and a switch this closet will have temperature control. The other closet will house the other switch. This network allows for expansion in the future and keeps the cost down....
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