Micropolitics 11-3-09

Micropolitics 11-3-09 - Micropolitics 11-3-09 John Stuart...

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Micropolitics 11-3-09 John Stuart Mill The Purpose of this book is described on PAGE 1 “to determine the nature and limit of the power that can be legitimately exercised by society over the individual”. Mill poses this question within the contexts of democratic governments and sees it as a problem since the advent of democracy after having an autocratic regime in which there is no limit to what the government can do to the individual In a democratic government, what are the legitimate limits the government can put on the individual Regulation of what you can wear are attempts of democratic society to establish limits on what they can tell individuals to do What is the limit? The government can tell you that you don’t have the right to drive w/o a seatbelt, France is trying to ban the burka in public, you can run around nude in spain but not in the US. What is the limit? Any religion is okay privately but not publically in France. Cant wear a cross, a burka, or a star of david in public in France in school. There has been an encroachment in individual rights in the US such as seatbelts and helmets. Where do we draw the line for government limiting individuals? Trying to answer Mills problem assumes that we have answered Locke’s questions First limits must be set on the power of the ruler over the community before you we can set limits of power on the community over the individual Tyranny of the Majority Mill is concerned, PAGE 18, “there is an increasing inclination to stretch unduly the powers of society over the individual by the force of opinion and even that of legislation” People in class that are politically conservative are afraid to express their opinions because they fear that the majority of the classroom is liberal and left wing. Some people believe that the quality of governments has declined since January… that
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Micropolitics 11-3-09 - Micropolitics 11-3-09 John Stuart...

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