Micropolitics 11-5-09

Micropolitics 11-5-09 - Micropolitics J.S Mill Mill on...

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Micropolitics 11-5-09 J.S. Mill Mill on writing his essay on liberty, on the general level, drew the line between what you can and cant do in organized society. PAGE 9 “the sole end for mankind… individually or collectively… liberty of action… is self perfection… power… member… civilized community against his will is to prevent harm to others… moral… not a sufficient…” Devotes most of the writing to freedom of speech. What are you allowed to say? Mill prohibits any restriction on what one can say. 4 parts 1 st part 1. IN all silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility Means that either the individual political person who sileneces opinion or the society it does silence the opinion assumes that they are infallible. Not appropriate to assume infallible. 2. We are only really able to believe our own opinion to be right if they are challenged PAGE 18 “complete liberty… very condition… justifies us… purposes of action… faculties… any rational assurance of being right” Continued on 20 “… beliefs… unfounded… challenge is not accepted…failed… far enough from certainty… done the best… admits of…” Focuses on whats good for us as thinking people. Says that for us as thinking people, we need a setting where the opinions we hold dearest are open to forthright direct challenge. Why? Because only when we listen to those challenges and hold onto our opinions, can we really feel comfortable. Otherwise those opinions are dead dogmas. He says that not good for society. These separate reasons are focusing on different things we want for the collectivyt or is appropriate. 3.
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Micropolitics 11-5-09 - Micropolitics J.S Mill Mill on...

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