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Micropolitics 11-10-09 - Communist Manifesto Written...

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Communist Manifesto Written towards Factory Workers 1. Written in a time in which education is very limited – so the target audience may not have been able to actually read it but their intended audience were factory workers 2. Over a billion people have in different historical settings in recent times been under governments and systems of political rule that claim their inspiration from Marx and Engel Explicitly. Engels was also very important… underrated because Marx gets most credit. He wrote a book called a condition of the working Class? Did an empirical study of the life conditions of English workers Marx in contrast was trained as a philosopher. 888 Preface Of the English Edition written by Engels PAGE 5 – “The Manifesto Being our… bound to stake the fundamental proposition … belongs to MARX”. (They wrote this together…) What is that basic Proposition? It effectively captures the core idea of Marxism. In Every historical epic the prevailing mode of economic production and exchange and the social organization necessary following from it form the basis upon which is built up and alone can be explained the political and social intellectual history of that epic. Economic base idea, an idea that says that the economic issues form the foundations, on these foundations are built patterns of social organization that form a political and intellectual history. Economic Determinism – everything else that was interested in is based on economics. PAGE 5 – Continue – “Consequently, the whole history of mankind since the dissolution of primitive… common ownership, has been a history of class struggles, contest between exploiting and exploited… ruling and oppressed classes”. All history is driven by the same motor – class struggles – struggle between people and groups in distinct economic positions in a society. Class has to do where groups of people fit into an economic system of production. Divided into factory owners and workers that struggle with each other. “the history of these class struggles create a series of evolution” – as we look over these, three has been an evolution of human society in which nowadays a stage has been set, reached, where the exploited class cannot obtain its emancipation… from the boujwasee… all exploitation, class distinctions and class struggles. We are arriving at what others call the end of history because with the situation as Marx and Engel
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Micropolitics 11-10-09 - Communist Manifesto Written...

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