Micropolitics 11-19-09

Micropolitics 11-19-09 - Micropolitics 11-19-09 Hirschman...

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Micropolitics 11-19-09 Hirschman PAGE 60 – “Latin American power holders…voluntary exile. The right of… practiced…conspiracy… strength of voice… Columbian law… paid former presidents…abroad…with US dollar being worth…” If you have a military coup, one of the reasons you might kick people out is to reduce the development of protests against you. Political Parties PAGE 66 “under the assumed conditions… 2 party system… there will be a tendency of the two… to rule. . profit or vote… socially undesirable results… at higher costs…anchored…probable but socialy undesierable… to move ever closer together” The idea here is that you have 2 parties. A left to right continuum, democrats and republicans on each end. Both want to win elections… to try to win they are trying to do move closer and closer to each other. Why? They have their own partisans, in order to win, they need to get that sub group that could vote either way (independents). He argues that there will be a natural convergence between the two parties. They will try emphasize similarities rather than differences to catch those middle voters. Idea of catch all
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Micropolitics 11-19-09 - Micropolitics 11-19-09 Hirschman...

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