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Micropolitics 11-24-0

Micropolitics 11-24-0 - Micropolitics Obedience to...

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Micropolitics 11-24-09 Obedience to Authority by Stanley Milgram Basic Research Strategy He was inspired by what was going on with Nazi Germany. The key component of the research design is deception . The instructions to the subjects by the experimenter about the purpose of the experiments were untrue. The deception had to be used to allow a valid expression of the subjects’ behavior. - Have to lie… if you knew the real reason of the experiment, the participant wouldn’t be their real selves. The subjects functioned as the teachers in the research. A mild-mannered middle aged man served as the learner who was actually a confederate .A young, male, high school teacher played the role of the experimenter. The experimenter wore a laboratory coat during the sessions to bolster his authority. The subjects were told that the purpose of the experiment was to study the effects of punishment in the form of electric shock upon the learning of a paired associate verbal list. Examples of the paired associates used by Milgram were: Blue – Box Nice – Day Wild – Duck Etc. After all word pairs had been given, the left hand word is presented alone and the learner must select the right hand word form a list of four possibilities. The teachers were instructed by the experimenter to deliver electric shock for the final mistake. The first mistake is ostensibly punished by a 15 volts to a maximum shock of 450 volts in 30 step intervals. The learner made mistakes on purpose in order to ascertain whether the subjects would follow orders to shock the learner.
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Experiment Number 5 Experiment 5, reported in the MIlgram book, is considered to be the most famous one - For this experiment, subjects were recruited through a newspaper ad and direct mailing in new haven, Conn. - Experiment 5 took place in basement rooms of a research building at Yale - When a real subject (teacher) and the confederate (learner) arrived for the study, the experimenter presented the purported rationale for the research. Straws were drawn to determine the assignemtn of the rule but were rigged - After the drawing, the teacher and the elarner were taken to a room containing a chain with shock leads. The experimenter strapped the learner into the chair and shock leads were attached to the wrist. The experimenter now mentioned that the shocks do not produece any permanent tissue damage.
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Micropolitics 11-24-0 - Micropolitics Obedience to...

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