Israel and The World 1-26-10

Israel and The World 1-26-10 - Israel and The World 1-26-10...

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Israel and The World 1-26-10 Midterm will be emailed or given next week 1948 war – Israel war of independence In the arab world its called the 1948 war or the nafba? (the disaster or the catastrophe) Review from Last Week Effects of the 1948 War The partition resolution is passed by UN Zionists accept the partition It gave them the original area that was suppose to be included for jewish settlement included what is now Transjordan, Jerusalem and west gaza. Temporary jewish settlement becomes permanent The partition resolution gets more and more in conflict, the Italians and the fascist are supporting Palestinian movement. 1/3 of the population is jewish After WW2 we have partition The arabs rejected an offer and a civil war erupted after the partition resolution novermber 29 1947 Jews are attacked in Arab world and in the Mandate Civil war phase begins – from November 30 to march, jews were losing, us would take out partition from the table, the Zionists and the jews in the mandate begin to defend themselves and finally decide to declare a state. Invaded by 5 arab states… war lasts from may 15 th 1948 to January 11 th 1949 – results, the jews manage to defend themselves and they end up with territorial changes, the jews end up with 30% of land than was allotted to them by the partition resolution. A large part of what they got was the nageb desert? Israel ended up with very vulnerable borders in narrow points Second really important thing – NO Palestinian state is created. Jordan invades and rejects the partition resolution and invades and occupies Judea Sumarea and Jordan renames it the West Bank and then annexes it. Egypt invaded and occupied gaza but did not annex it.
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Jordan offered Jordanian citizenship to non-jews in the new jordanion territory In a way Palestine ceases to exist as a territorial place… what happens to it? Palestine is broken into 3, Israel declares itself a state, Gaza and the west bank. They didn’t name it Palestine… named it Israel, what happened to the rest of Palestine. West bank annexed by Jordan. Gaza is taken over by Egypt (legal?). They invaded the lands and took it, they broke the UN resolution. Jordan’s annexation was only recognized by Great Britain and Pakistan. The rest of the international community didn’t recognize it but saw it as de facto (it was happening) Why didn’t they setup a Palestinian state in those areas? They were more concerned with having land and not necessarily having a state. The Mandate had said that Britain would administer the lands until they are capable of self-government. That means, about west bank and gaza in legal terms, many would argue that they are left over unallocated areas of the mandate because they were invaded and illegally occupied. So they never really had a legal disposition or legal sovereign. There is discussion whether or not the mandate that lived their should form their own state there. The last legal sovereign of these areas was the mandate because the partition was a
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Israel and The World 1-26-10 - Israel and The World 1-26-10...

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