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Israel and the World 2

Israel and the World 2 - Israel and the World Bring copies...

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Israel and the World 2-2-10 Bring copies of hamas, plo and other charters next week Midterm due next week End of the 48 th war… There was no peace after the war, Israel played victim to terrorism The Sinai War (1956) Some historians call it Israel’s second war of independence. The war itself, Nasr, led his revolution in 1952 and became the leader/dictator of Egypt (got money from Russia), basically nationalized the suez canal. Seizes it from the british and the French, they were angry about it. They decided that they would try this tactic… Israel was boycotted. It was being economically strangulated. Israel couldn’t get its necessities, primary, secondary and tertiary boycott Britain and france included Israel in a military effort to open up the canal and give the some control over it. Did counter-terrorist strikes… Israel was going to be responding to more border terrorism from gaza from the south, but instead of just doing gaza ops, Israel smashed the Egyptian army and went down in 4 days and conquered all of the Sinai and gaza strip. UK and France told Israel and Egypt to withdraw their forces, both refused, they used air power against Egypt. US and UN got pissed off, forcing france and England to pull out. The suez canal was now open but it was a disaster for Britain and france. Israel remained in the Sinai and gaza for 6 months before it was forced to withdraw by eisenhower’s pressure and from UN pressure. Why did Israel even participate? Israel wasn’t fond of Britain… the US was in rivlarly with france and Britain with influence over the middle east… Britain and france tried to ally with neighboring countries such as Jordan, etc. US tried to form an alliance – Baghdad pact, Iraq Jordan and Egypt. Soviets tried to exert their influence in the middle east and they tried that through Nasr Nasr approved the Baghdad pact, he wanted Egypt to have hegemony.
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Where did Israel fit in? US trying to get a pact, Britain and France trying also and as well as Russia to get a hold in the Middle East. That left Israel no where, it didn’t fit into any of the plans, it was left out in the cold as these superpowers armed Israel’s enemies. Israel tried to be apart of that Baghdad pact but was repeatedly refused. US tried to prevent Israel form purchasing weapons from American allies. US was afraid that if anyone sold arms to Israel, Arab countries would go right to the soviets and the US needed their oil. No one took Israel seriously because it was a struggling new nation. They assumed the Nagev made up 62% of israel’s territory to offer to Egypt Anglo-american plan, code named the alpha plan. Called for the transfer of large swhats of the nagev to Egypt. The Egyptians had noting to offer but non belligerency, not peace, to Israel
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Israel and the World 2 - Israel and the World Bring copies...

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