Israel and the World 2-16-2010

Israel and the World 2-16-2010 - IsraelandtheWorld21610...

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Israel and the World 2-16-10 Structures of Charters First define who they are – according to them Palestinians are people who inhabited the land from 1947. Yasser Arafat didn’t live their… originally born in Egypt… Hamas definition – define themselves as Muslims…3 circles – Islam, Arab Nationalism, Palestinian Nationalism. Hamas also tries to reach to the PLO. Their claim to Palestine – The Jews say this is our ancient, historic homeland and we maintain a presence… What do PLO and Hamas say for the legitimacy of their claim? Palestinians claim historical connection, defined as the Palestine Mandate. Make the historical Reference of Clans that were there… Why does Hamas say they have a claim to the land? It was land conquered by Muslims… They don’t believe it should ever revert or transfer control. Referred to as Waqf land Very different identities and justifications. Who is the enemy? PLO charter is written during the period of national liberation movements – they say that Jews can stay but the Zionists cannot. Hamas says to kill the Jews for the future state of perfection to come in… PLO is unclear as whether they are referring to Jews or Zionists… Both of them say that Jews are not a nation and don’t deserve a state. Oppose Jewish Nationalism. Deny Jewish attachment to the land – both of them do. They basically say that Jews weren’t there… They both repudiate all national agreements and peace agreements They say that negotiations are a waste of time because no compromises are possible. Article 22 of PLO says that Zionism is a political movement…imperialism…racist and fanatic… aggressive…expansionist… Israel is the instrument of Zionist movement… Hopes for negotiation to subscribers to these charters? Demonization of Israel and Jews…
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*** Good exam question – when Israel was negotiation with PLO – which of the clauses in the PLO charter do you think Israel insist be eliminated for peace talks to go on forward? Check out the articles… such as article 22… the article that says negotiations aren’t acceptable… check it out and pick out the ones that might be an obstacle if you were Israel…
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Israel and the World 2-16-2010 - IsraelandtheWorld21610...

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