Israel and the World 2-23-2010

Israel and the World 2-23-2010 - Israel and the World Why...

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Israel and the World 2-23-2010 Why didn’t Israel take in the Palestinian refugees? Law of Return – the law that allowed any person of ¼ jewish blood to go back to Israel to become a citizen. Law of return is a domestic law on who gets citizenship… Right of Return – more of an international law, comes in play with Palestinian refugees that claim a collective return to the lands before Israel became a state. People should be allowed to return if they live in peace with their neighbors. The right of someone to return where they are fun is generally accepted as an individual right, not a collective right. Right of return is used most commonly… in 1980s and 1990s… was commonly considered that it would help solve ethnic conflicts. If Israel has such a robust economy – why do they take 3 billion a year in aid. They take it for military aid and other parts of the world also get a large amount for the defense budget. Israel has one of the highest GDPs going to defense as it is. Israel is very diverse… 70 different countries…up until Russian immigration, half of Israelis were from surrounding arab countries. 20% of Israels population is non-jewish, of whom about 1 million are muslims 1130,000 druze in 22 villages in the north 117,000 christian arabs 130,000 Bedouin in 30 tribes, mostly in south 40,000 arabs returned to Israel in the 1950s under Israel’s family reunification plan. Between 1993 and 2000 during the Oslo accords, 120,000 received Israeli identity cards Israel permitted individuals to come in and stay… In 2003, there were 21,000 applications pending by Palestinian Arabs – to be decided on an individual basis Israel is not a melting pot – Israel didn’t want to impose Israeli culture on others… Israel recognizes 15 different religious group and each manages personal law such as marriage, divorce, and inheritance law. More of a mosaic – not melting pot. There are towns where no jews live… have religious freedom and personal law. Many Israeli arabs live in the Galley triangle
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Christians are fully integrated. Have a higher per capita income than the jews do. The druze keep their own villages but are very integrated in the Israeli culture as a whole. Provide units for the IDF. Have their own education. Sided with the Zionists back in 1948. The Bedouin are generally integrated, live largely in the south, they don’t tend to live in settled towns. There are a lot of territorial disputes as to where they can and cant settle. The poorest group and the least modernized. Reda Mansour – Israel arab – said Israel sets an example of freedom and tolerance – Israeli counselate to America, went to Harvard, poet, speaks 5 languages. . Israel has 2 official languages – Hebrew and Arabic. There are right now 5 official Arab parties,
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Israel and the World 2-23-2010 - Israel and the World Why...

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