Israel and the World 3-10-2010

Israel and the World 3-10-2010 - Israel and the World Oslo...

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Israel and the World 3-9-2010 Oslo process led to more terrorism rather than less… Israel faced more terrorism during the oslo years. UN Declared that Israel fully withdraw but Hezbollah escalated its military buildup, which lead to the second Lebanon war in august 2006. Ehud Barak made the offer at camp David, even as the second intifada breaks out, he offers more and more… the proposal was 97% of west bank. $30 billion dollar international fund to re-settle refugees. Israel receives about 7000 rocket attacks from when it withdraws until 2008 and it enters in the war against Hamas. According to Israels perspective, withdrawals resulted in increased anger. Israel is facing the fact that peace is NOT imminent. PM Olmert’s Peace proposal to President Abbas—Sept, 16 2009 Borders: 93.6% of West bank with land swaps from Israel to compensate for the 6.4% Settlements: Settlement blocks on the 6.4% put on Israel’s se of the border. (Consensus settlements_ other settlements dismantled Contiguity: “Safe passage” tunnel connecting Gaza and West bank, under Israeli Sovereignty. Jerusalem: Arab neighborhoods under Palestinian sovereignty; Jewish neighborhoods under Israeli sovereignty. “Holy Basin” under joint Israel-Palestinian-US-Jordanian-Saudi Arabian Control. Refugees: Palestinian refugees could move to Palestinian state. Israel, on humanitarian grounds, would accept 1,000 per year for 5 years. (Acknowledge suffering, but not right of return’.) International fund to compensate for their suffering. Security: PA would sign agreement, and make no further claims Extremism and corruption in PA. Hamas and Fatah are bitterly divided. Neither Hamas nor Fatah accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. Abbas said that the PA will never recognize Israel as a Jewish State. Incitement against Israel/Jews
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1. Israel spreads aids and drugs 2. Israel to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque 3. Israel to rid Jerusalem of non jews 4. Israel murdered Arafat 5. Israel seeks to rule from Euphrates to nile 6. Protocols of the elders of zion 7. Israel steals organs from Palestinians In addition, Fatah has become increasingly radicalized. Had their 6 th conference in august 2009 and made no changes to their charter, which calls for the elimination of Israel. Section 19 – armed struggle… Fatah called for old arab boycott of Israel to the West… called for freeing all prisoners…called for freeing all prisoners before they negotiate. They threaten to not negotiate unless Israel pulls out of all of Jerusalem. Israel has not built any new settlements since the oslo accords but the settlements in existence are growing in population. Abbas, with the help of the U.S. has done a dramatically better job in controlling terrorism in the past year and a half. Since, Israel has removed all but 10 checkpoints within the west bank. West bank is beginning to see dramatic increase in Economics. 8% a year in growth. Incitement to hate
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Israel and the World 3-10-2010 - Israel and the World Oslo...

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