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Christina Suarez January 22, 2008 ENG 105- Marsom Hurston’s “How it Feels to be Colored Me” Response Hurston’s purpose for writing this piece was to explain her point of view on the issues of racism. When she was down in Eatonville, she was just herself, but when she went to Jacksonville, she became the little colored girl. What she could not figure out though was why just because she went to another town she as a person changed. Her purpose was to show people that even though they may be of different pigmentation, they are still the same inside and it does not mean they are of a different human being. She said that she often forgets she is of color until she is thrust upon a sharp white background, which to
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Unformatted text preview: means that society is the ones making this color barrier. Hurston’s audience is society in the world today. It is aimed towards those who still believe in superiority of one race over the other. She focused on writing to those of her generation whose parents tried to instilled bad beliefs on them. On the other hand though, she wrote this for the young colored kids of her time that were mistreated for something they could not change or control. She also wrote this piece to show that even if she is colored, it does not change what she is inside....
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