Con Law August 17 Lecture 5

Con Law August 17 Lecture 5 - Con Law Ben Franklin owned...

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Con Law August 17, 2009 Ben Franklin owned the only commercial printing press – he suggests we need freedom of the press. The court has repeatedly said that the press has no special rights Judith Miller was a NY times reporter, was held in contempt because she wouldn’t reveal her sources. She wouldn’t tell them something they wanted to know. She would ask about what would happen in Iraq, she would be told and would just publish stuff. She published things without finding out if they were true Another reporter published the identity of a CIA operative. They are no rights attributed to the press that are different from what you have. The press has always said that they are special, but the court has always said, no not so much. Ariana Huffington – runs a blog called the huffington report. Was married to Michael Huffington, conservative senate member. Who ended up being gay, divorced her and she got a lot of money. Read NY times Vs. Sullivan and Reno Vs. ACLU – become familiar with them and understand them. The writers of the constitution could not predict the existence and convenience of something like twitter. Technological changes have made it incoherent to compare today’s sensibilities to the original intentions. Jerry Falwell vs Larry Flint Larry Flint publishes Hustler magazine at a time when the sexual revolution was in the process of happening. Sexual revolution means, because of medical advances, pills for women, once it becomes ubiquitous and protected within the realm of privacy, women get to decide. They don’t have to choose a job or a family, they can have both. When Sandra Day O Connor graduated 2 nd in her law class at Stanford. But no one wanted to give her a job because they thought she would just get pregnant and quit. Playboy comes along and it is scandalous with nude women in it. Hugh Hephner tries to get a mainstream acceptable magazine with the same kind of pictures that were considered bad, he wanted to mainstream erotica and smut.
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Larry Flint says that Playboy is too tame, looks like stuff in WW1 Lockers, nothing pushing the edge. Larry Flint didn’t care about the other stuff, the articles, he wanted something very crude and explicit. Hustler tried to be funny and dirty. Flint kept getting arrested. Kept getting arrested for pornography. While this is happening, the sexual revolution has happened, Carter is president, Reagan is running. Carter said he was gonna run for president sitting next to Pat Robertson at the 700 club as a Democrat. Pat Robertson is an Evangelical who sold shit Robertson was opposed to embargo to South Africa because he owned 80% of a gold mine there Jimmy Carter goes on TV with Robertson and announces that he is running for presidency. Carter is thinking poor Evangelicals don’t vote, they don’t care about politics. Carter thought that if he activates these voters, he would win.
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Con Law August 17 Lecture 5 - Con Law Ben Franklin owned...

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