Con Law August 31 Lecture 8

Con Law August 31 Lecture 8 - Voting and Representation If...

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Voting and Representation If you don’t vote, how do we know your consent exists? The government realized it sucked at reconstruction, like of the radical south. Eventually the federal government says that they were spending a lot of money to be somewhere where they weren’t wanted. As soon as reconstruction stops as policy, the southerners that were excluded suddenly re-emerge. Say was going to keep blacks from voting in every way but name. The old south rises again once reconstruction stops. State legislatures pass Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow was a mistral character, a white person that would put on make up to pretend he was black and would do over exaggerated black speech and mannerism as entertainment for white. Jim Crow laws get that name post hoc They are meant to lessen the citizenship rights of African Americans during a time in which Asians were invisible in the south or dominated by the whites anywhere else. Nobody recognizes other people, such as Muslims, until 1960s. Its either black or white. There isn’t a broad based dialogue about race; it’s about the power structure in the south. This is how we get the development of voting deprivation. Lyndon Johnson did a lot more for civil rights than John Kennedy did. Basically, black people get to vote. Republicans can’t win without women voting for them. You can’t be a serious policy maker that excludes people from voting. Even the most homophobic politician won’t say they can’t vote. It’s a basic right. Voting is such a primary deal breaker that if you don’t have it… no one says make voting more difficult or takes it away. No Politician wants everybody to vote. They want their supporters to vote, they want their opposition to not vote. Campaign Contributions…
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Steve Forbes ran for office but doesn’t win. He spends upwards of a hundred million dollars of his own money to run for president. What does it do to the political structure when you have people who can spend 100 million dollars to have their voice heard and other people who cant spend any money. The economic disparity alone means I will never be a serious competitor Free Speech – bear minimum, means free political speech. Symbolic speech is speech – arm bands, burning flags, etc. You don’t need to use words to engage in speech Whats the level of limits on behavior that the government can implement. Buckley V. Valejo – Buckley is running for office, there is a limitation on how much money he can spend. He says why is that I can only speak with a certain volume with the first amendment. Its my own money, and I want to travel first class and stay at the ritz carlton. Why are you gonna limit my budget. Why cant I do what I want with my money for my candidacy. Jim and Tammy Baker has a dog house with a gold water bowl that was also air
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Con Law August 31 Lecture 8 - Voting and Representation If...

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