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Poly Sci 5-12-09

Poly Sci 5-12-09 - Poly Sci The Judiciary Midterm Congress...

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Poly Sci 5-12-09 The Judiciary Midterm: Congress, president, bureaucracy, and judiciary The Judiciary At the federal level you are dealing with a 3 level bureaucracy 1. Supreme court 2. Court of appeals 3. District courts Not the only kind of courts – patent courts, security courts, tax courts… all ultimtately report to the supreme court District courts try the case. That means that the apply the law as he/she understands it to the facts as the jury understand them. 350,000 to 360,000 lawsuits filed at the district court level. The court of appeals - does not retry the case. IT does not just start all over and look at everything. All it does is ask itself the question, did the trial court follow the law… doesn’t determine factual. Looks at lower courts application of the law. The courts of appeal will uphold what trials courts do. Status qQUo – default position Easier to win on n appeal. To ask court of appeals to undo something…. How many people actually appeal. Every year, most cases take longer than a year to resolve, get 50-60,000 appeals. 20% rougly. Not all appeals are real. Sometimes used as leverage for otherside to pick a settlement. 350,000 cases filed at all, 60-65k appeal, supreme court, 8,000 cases. Supreme court doesn’t have to hear anything.
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Of 8,000 a year, the court will not hear most of them ½ to 2/3 of 90 will affirm the judgment without opinion or the meaning of law. 30-35 cases a yea rin which supreme court rights an opinion about, half of them are a reacrymation of the status quo with greaterclarity. Did the circuits disagree about something Whatever side more circuits are on, that’s what the corut normal The supreme court Work 6 months a year with a large staff. David Suiter – was never expected to make it to court. George Bush the first … People were selling arm so Iran – Iran Contra Warren Rudman’s Deal with Bush, ill keep you out of Iran Contra… Rudman knew Suiter as a lifelong frien.d Suiter says, everytime the court gets together its like a loboatomay .
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Poly Sci 5-12-09 - Poly Sci The Judiciary Midterm Congress...

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