Poly Sci 5-26-09

Poly Sci 5-26-09 - Poly Sci 5-26-09 Sonya Sotomayor...

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Poly Sci 5-26-09 Sonya Sotomayor… Huckabee called her Maria Sotomayor to dog whistle the racists She is a Princeton undergrad, her dad died when she was 9. Goes to Yale law, editor of the law review at yale. George WH Bush nominated her for the bench Clinton elevated her to the court of appeals Obama picked her as a judge. She was introduced by Republicans She is an ideal candidate. Republicans might nto attack Sotomayor because they cant come off as Anti Women, Anti Latin, and to avoid looking stupid. She is a payoff to the female Constituency that supported Hillary Clinton in the republic party in the primaries. Huckabee called her Maria on purpose b/c he wants his listeners to know she is Hispanic and he wants his listeners to be offended that Obama would pick her. Meritocracy – best person gets the job. People think affirmative action limits Meritocracy. Today California Supreme court said that Prop 8 stands. All gay marriages made last summer get to stand. Supreme court asserted that marriage is a fundamental right, but is making the argument that we have a separate but equal institution. Some people cant remarry, some people cant marry. Didn’t disqualify 36,000 gay marriages that happen last summer because its “too mean”. Small Percentage of population is gay or lesbian, they might vote you out of office but that isn’t enough. Gay Straight Alliance members are not worked up enough to help vote someone out. If they try to strike prop 8, the evangelical community will get worked up. The judges that upheld same sex marriage are gonna go down in history as Strom Thurmans, as racists, sexists, etc. whatever. They don’t care, they just want to keep their jobs, they don’t care about history.
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This is also about election because Obama has been playing the sidelines on the same sex
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Poly Sci 5-26-09 - Poly Sci 5-26-09 Sonya Sotomayor...

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