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Unformatted text preview: Poly Sci 21A Politics resolution of differences Understanding politics = understanding collective action Politics - Understanding collective action about distribution of goods and values in society Ex: 3 friends wanting to see a movie but each at a different time collective action problem. Solution: only 1 guy with car, offers to go at a time or not But the guy who wants to go at midnight as free tickets for the midnight viewing Last guy says its his turn to pick Collective action problem Ex 2: 3 Friends want to go to lunch 1 wants to have fish tacos, 1 wants thai food, the 3 rd wants pizza. How to resolve? One solution: all get food separately and get together. But this is subverting the collective intent so its not a good solution. Someone has to make a compromise, they have to give up a little bit of what they want to get something else. Ex: give up fish tacos but get to eat out with 2 friends. They can fight for it. Or whoever has car can decide. Or give them incentives, ex: you will pay or offer bargains or deals. for it....
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