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3/3/09 Poly Sci Lecture 2 The Constitution: What came before the constitution? Some people say the American revolution was not a real revolution. Because the day before the revolution and the day after, all the same people were in charge. All the same people were rich, all the same owned the banks, owned the commerce. Nothing really changed – misguided, don’t believe this. Powerful people who are not politicians: Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffet, & John Madden. Lets say they go to starbucks… get coffee. Oprah says everything is bad and suggests overthrowing the government. They overthrow it but they have a problem, they win… If 1 person overthrew the government, they would run everything But if several people do, then there would be collective action issues. John Adams wanted a monarchy without the king, when he lost re-election, his party died. Once the government was overthrown/taken over, there was a conflict over government Articles of Confederation were created – series of relationships between sovereign states. The national government wasn’t that important. The national government had no ability to tax, it had no ability to raise and army, it would ask states for volunteers. States would not help each other, no national unity. Conflicts began to arise between states under the articles of confederation. They competed with each other for trades. At the time, trade taxes were really the only taxes… Weren’t really any property taxes at the time… The US was becoming shunned around the world because they would not pay their debts, they said to ask UK because they were no longer apart of them. The we had the “2 nd revolution”, continental congress meets in Philadelphia to fix the Articles of Confederation. A handful of people decide to scarp the articles of
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confederation and start over since the central government had no power to tax, spend, or establish an army. North Carolina bought things with Tobacco…
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PolySci21ALec2 - Poly Sci Lecture 2 The Constitution What...

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