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Experiment # 1: Diode-circuit Applications 1.1 Introduction The diode is the simplest nonlinear device: it allows current to flow forward from its anode terminal to the cathode, but it blocks the current flow in the opposite direction. It is used in many circuit applications such as ac-to-dc power conversion, logic gates, and signal shaping, to mention but a few. This experiment examines the behaviors of various diode circuits: The diode logic gate circuits, and ac-to-dc conversion circuit, and the zener shunt regulator circuit. 1.2 Prelab Assignment (1)-Consider the circuits in Fig. (1.1) and (1.2). Let the voltages at nodes (A) and (B) relative to circuit ground be set at any combination of either a high or a low voltage level, and the LED then becomes either ON or OFF. Use the positive logic system to write the Boolean equation of each circuit which describes the relationship between the LED condition and the voltage levels at (A) and (B). (2)-Consider the circuit in Fig. (1.3). Let the input voltage be a sinusoid with an 8V (peak-to-peak) at a frequency of 500 Hz . Find the approximate values for the output dc voltage and the peak-to-peak ripple voltage when a capacitor is connected across the output terminals, where the value of the capacitor is: a)
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Experiment-1-revision-1-1 - Experiment # 1: Diode-circuit...

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